June 2018
ZIV Hospital in Safed acquired Lemer Pax, Posijet V3 machine. for its radiotherapy Division

December 2017
Weizmann Institute of Science, acquired Rx Solutions SAS , DT130 XRay Micro CT system.

September 2017
Bar Ilan University    acquired PRECISION X-RAY Inc XRAD machine.for the animal house

April 2016+November 2017
Weizmann Institute of Science and Beer Sheva university, acquired new FFVisualSonics, VEVO 3100 systems for their laboratorys

April 2016
A full oncological radiation treatment center was installed at The Italian Hospital in Haifa
consist of CT Simulator Cobalt room and sophisticated software for accurate results. The center replaced the old analog system to a new modern digital system. 

Jan 2016

Shaare Zedek Medical Center chose Gamma-Service Medical GmbH (GSM) BB2000, a CS137 based blood Irradiation machine to its Blood Bank.
November 2015
Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Medicine,   acquired a new TriFoil Imaging, Inc LabPET CT for its laboratory in  Safed

September 2014
Weizmann Institute of Science acquire the 2nd PRECISION X-RAY Inc XRAD machine.The 1st one was installed in the animal house, and the 2nd was installed in the cell laboratory. 

TriFoil Imaging is a leading developer and manufacturer of multi-modality molecular imaging systems used in pre-clinical research
.  With the acquisition of Bioscan Inc.’s assets in 2013, TriFoil Imaging has embedded two technologies into their pipeline: the MMP SPECT and the FLECT.

The MMP-SPECT exploits the proven performance of Multiplexed Multi-Pinhole SPECT (MMP-SPECT) and the high intrinsic spatial and energy resolutions of the solid-state Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detector technology. Direct CZT detection eliminates scintillator light-spreading and PMT light-sharing. This enables simultaneous pinhole projection of up to 16 images on a single detector.
The FLECT (FLuorescence Emission Computed Tomography) system, allows researchers to capture true 3D tomographic images by acquiring projection images 360° around the animal subject and sequent accurate image reconstruction. 
 TriFoil are soon to release the world’s first ever multi-modality benchtop series; the InSyTe imaging platforms. TriFoil Imaging’s technologies enable pharmaceutical companies to reduce costs and standardise analytical techniques across key areas of the drug development/discovery chain


InSyTeTM Series – 

First-ever tabletop imaging series to offer PET, SPECT or 3D Optical together with CT in a compact, easy to use package. These systems have the option to be purchased with a single modality at the initially and upgraded later to incorporate CT. It has a simple, consistent user- friendly interface for image reconstruction and co-registration across all modalities.


The world’s first tri-modality system, offers the highest quality and best value by combining three modalities (PET, SPECT, and CT) all in one reliable and easy to use system.


eXplore CT 120

A dedicated preclinical in vivo micro CT scanner designed for high-quality, high- throughput scanning in a wide variety of applications. It is the only CT system able to provide a true cardiac-gated imaging capability for 4D CT.


Fluorescence Emission Computed Tomography (FLECT™)

A revolutionary new optical imaging technology. It is the world’s first and only true tomographic Preclinical optical imaging system. The system is able to reconstructs staining pattern from the photons emission data from molecular markers acquired by sensitive detectors in a 360° arc around the animal. Then by utilising a state of the art 3D restorative algorithm based on an accurate model of light propagation in tissue, reconstr uct the structure of the staining of the molecular markers. The data is equivalent to that generated by PET or SPECT systems.